Welcome to CrossFit® Aspera!
Training method that helps you to have a much fitter and healthier body and, and makes working out fun. CrossFit includes elements from various sports and develops endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, balance etc.
Welcome to CrossFit® Aspera!
In CrossFit we use our bodyweight and free weights have a fitter body, improve our quality of life, have fun doing sports and do more work in less time!

Why CrossFit®?

Have a fitter body!

Burn fat, become stronger, more flexible and much fitter with high intensity workouts!

Improve your quality of life!

Move easier, prevent injuries and, reduce the risk of diseases with functional movements!

Have fun working out!

Stop spending hours on machines! Do different movements and socialize in group classes!

More work in little time!

Warm up, train strength, power and endurance in just 1 hour! Burn fat! Get fitter!

Why CrossFit® Aspera?

Clean, spacious, large!

The box is cleaned every single day.

We don’t have problems about space with our 350m2 training area and 7m ceiling height. This way you can join group classes, take personal training or train on your own any time you like.

High interest!

We allow up to 14 members in group classes which 2-3 coaches instruct.

We modify movements according to our members’ level and goals so both beginners and professional athletes can benefit maximally from workouts. Also we measure progress of the members by doing regular tests.

Fit for every goal!

With our multi disciplinary coaches you can also do strength and conditioning workouts in sports like football, basketball, volleyball in addition to CrossFit, weightlifting, gymnastics, powerlifting, strongman.

What we do?

We reach our goals by doing compound movements which train many muscles with equipments like body weight, kettlebell, dumbbell, medicine ball, barbell, jumping rope, rower. Since we use various equipments and movements, we can design workouts for every goal.

If you have goals like specializing in a sport or movement, losing weight rapidly, gaining muscle you can take personal training from our coaches.

If you become a member we give you two beginner classes as a gift if you’ve never done CrossFit before. In those classes we teach you the basics of CrossFit, common exercises and make you do beginner workouts. You can join our group classes after on-ramp classes.

Our group classes last 1 hour at most. First we warm-up, then do the technique-strength work of the day and finish with conditioning. 2-3 coaches instruct depending on the number of members in the class. Thus we can pay high attention to every member and help them reach their goals faster.

You can also train with the programs provided by our coaches or with your own program in our open box area.


We also provide programming support! Whether you train at another gym or during open box, you can use the programs which are designed by our coaches to help your reach your goals. You can improve your weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit performance, lose fat or gain muscle faster.