Welcome to CrossFit® Aspera!
Training method that helps you to have a much fitter and healthier body and, and makes working out fun. CrossFit includes elements from various sports and develops endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, balance etc.
Welcome to CrossFit® Aspera!
In CrossFit we use our bodyweight and free weights have a fitter body, improve our quality of life, have fun doing sports and do more work in less time!
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Why CrossFit®?

Have a fitter body!

Burn fat, become stronger, more flexible and much fitter with high intensity workouts!

Improve your quality of life!

Move easier, prevent injuries and, reduce the risk of diseases with functional movements!

Have fun working out!

Stop spending hours on machines! Do different movements and socialize in group classes!

More work in little time!

Warm up, train strength, power and endurance in just 1 hour! Burn fat! Get fitter!

Why CrossFit® Aspera?

Clean, spacious, large!

Always clean!
350m2 training area, 7m ceiling!

High interest!

3 coaches in group classes!
Exercise modifications according to level and goal!
Regular progress measurements!


We reach our goals by doing compound movements which train many muscles with equipments like body weight, kettlebell, dumbbell, medicine ball, barbell, jumping rope, rower. Since we use various equipments and movements, we can design workouts for every goal.

In personal training classes, you coach designs your program according to your goals, teach you the exercises step by step and helps you reach those goals faster. Class days and times are also adjusted according to your preference.

In our group classes, we train for fitness. Since 2-3 coaches attend the class at the same time, we can take care of each member closely and get faster results.
If you’ve never done CrossFit, we give two beginner classes to your membership. In these classes, we explain the basics of CrossFit, teach common movements and you do your first workouts.


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